My biography


I was born in july 1942 into a family who loved nature.
My early child hood was spent living close to the sea in South Devon with memories of boats beaches and sun kissed days.
I was far more interested in the arts than academic studies at school. Later in my teenage years I went to the Guild Hall School Of Music and Drama in London.
Being a Mother of my four wonderful children has been the most important role in my life. I am now able to enjoy my seven grand children!!
Drawing and painting was always part of my life and encouraged by my Father when I was a child. In 1994 I moved to Lanzarote with my two youngest children to start a new life . The ever changing light and energy on Lanzarote fulfilled my artistic dreams. Living close to the sea and being able to see dolphins playing in the ocean from my terrace gave a new dimension to my work; they filled my heart with joy. I found myself painting dolphins and fish on drift wood I found by the sea shore. In 1996 I had the good fortune to swim with wild dolphins. This amazing experience became my inspiration to paint more and more. Like the sea travelled wood I was painting on; my life was starting another journey. I met many like minded people through my work. That gave me the opportunity to travel to many places and more and more wonderful encounters with wild Dolphins. I was very touched by part of an article written about me by Dr. Horace Dobbs Founder of International Dolphin Watch:
"Suzette confirms one of the most important discoveries of my life. Namely that it is possible to recreate the spiritual essence of dolphins that touches and transforms the human soul. I realised this when I first saw one of her paintings on a small piece of drift wood. For me it captured the gentle uplifting side of dolphins which I had experienced during quiet moments with them in the open sea."
Life had started to flow to give me the most amazing surprises. I would love to think I can pass this feeling of love and joy through my paintings and stories I am now writing. To help others who might feel inspired to change their life for whatever reason; to trust and believe in their own inner knowledge and so fulfil their dreams.